About Us
Waijiaoyi is a Chinese start-up company aiming to provide training institutions from the third, fourth or fifth-tier cities of China excellent and reliable live online English classes through comprehensive range of services provided by us. We are the leading company that utilizes Online Dual Teachers (Foreign teacher and Chinese teacher) teaching method. So far, we have served over 200 institutions all around China.

Waijiaoyi Online Teaching program is committed to break the imbalance of education resources distribution in China. It highly aims to provide students of third, fourth and fifth-tier cities a chance to get connected to the world; to penetrate cities where educational level is limited and students have rare opportunities to get linked globally unless they enter big cities.

With Waijiaoyi, excellent English as a Second Language (ESL) teachers from all over the whole world are gathered together to open a wide window to students. Educational pictures, videos, games, facts that you share with them in class will spark their imagination and curiosity; breaking free of their controlled access mainly because of location.

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